When you book your free consultation we allow plenty of time to discuss any questions that you may have, or you are welcome to give us a ring or pop into our Attleborough showroom. However, here are some of the questions that we get asked:

  • Blinds without white plastic fittings!

    Blinds fittings have come on tremendously in the last 10 years. No longer are you limited to white plastic fixings. Depending which type of blind you choose there are various colour options. Metal Brackets are powder coated to white, brown, anthracite, and Black, and also are available with a range of Fabric covered cassettes to hide the workings 

    Side chains can be supplied in white, brown or black, and also Chrome and Gold giving a much more luxurious finish

  • Why are people choosing to have Roman Blinds and Curtains from same fabric?

    Roman Blinds are a very popular choice for Living areas and bedrooms.

    Quite often clients opt for the same fabric in the roman blind and curtains, to give a luxurious Boutique hotel type finish.

    Several ranges that we offer you, have fabrics with different patterns, but the same colour palette, so that you can mix and match the designs, but keep to the same tones.

    We also offer a large range of plain and textured fabrics for blinds and curtains to match to your décor.

    The blinds and curtains can be supplied with standard, or Blackout linings, and silk and satin look fabrics benefit from an interlining.

    There is also a large range of Curtain Headings to choose from, including, Pinch Pleat, Eyelet and the ever popular Pencil Pleat. Along with the untramodern wave and smartpleat finish, which look beautiful with Voile fabrics, a modern and stylish alternative to net curtain


  • Can blinds help reduce hayfever?

    Yes, the clever Pollergen fabric from Louvolite can reduce hayfever by trapping pollen before it enters the home or office. We can make blinds using this fabric.

  • Can you create matching cushions and other soft furnishings?

    Yes, we can create matching cushions, valances, table runners – if you have something in mind, just give us a call or have a chat during your design consultation.

  • Can you replace the vanes/ louvres in vertical blinds?

    If you are redecorating your room, or your vertical blinds are looking a little tired, we can replace the louvres (angled vanes that allow light & air but keep out rain & direct sunlight) for you. There are lots of modern fabrics to choose from, enabling you to update your decor in a cost-effective way. We can also make soft furnishings in fabric to complement your design.

  • Do my blinds come with a guarantee?

    All our products come with a 5 year guarantee.

  • Do you make blinds for offices as well as homes?

    Yes, our blinds are made in our Attleborough factory so we can create blinds for most types of property, and we make commercial blinds and curtains for offices as much as we do options for people’s homes.

  • Do you make blinds that work with Amazon Alexa?

    Yes, we can make these blinds for you and help set this up. Click here for more info.

  • How do I fit my blinds or curtains?

    We offer a free fitting service so you don’t need to worry about balancing on chairs/ getting the ladder out! Whether they’re for your new home or you’re just looking to refresh the blinds in your kitchen, we can fit them professionally for you.

  • How long do you take to fit a blind?

    For a normal sized window we would allow around 20 minutes per blind. It depends on the type of blind and the shape of the window.

  • I already know what fabric I want – can you source this for me?

    We are an independent business, which means we are not tied to any particular supplier. We can usually source specific fabrics, locally in Norwich, around Norfolk and even nationally, if you have something particular in mind.

  • I am not sure what sort of blinds or curtains to choose – can you help me?

    We are happy to offer a free design consultation in your home or office. We will measure your windows, chat to you about how you intend to use the room, look at your existing colour scheme and recommend the best type of blind or curtains for you. If you’re looking for blinds for your lounge, sails for your conservatory, options for curtains or any other options, we will be able to show you a range of samples and possibilities. Equally, if you already know what you want, that’s fine too.

  • I have an unusual shaped / large window, can you make blinds to fit?

    All our blinds, curtains and shutters are made to measure, which means we can create them to fit most spaces, and advise on the best solution for you. In fact because of our expertise, we are being called in more and more often to help with unusual or complex spaces.

  • I have booked an appointment – will you be there at that exact time?

    The appointment slots are scheduled to give us time to get from one appointment to another. We will arrive at any time within that slot, so for example, an appointment slot of 2 – 4pm means that we could get there at 3pm. Norfolk is a large county so we need to allow a time-frame for travel to and from appointments.

  • How to clean my flyscreen?

    It’s important to continue to regularly check and clean your fly screens after they have been installed. Depending on your environment and location, you may need to clean your screen every month.

    The best way to clean your screen is to remove it and place on a flat surface. Spray the screen with water and gently brush with a soft bristle brush until clean. For anything more stubborn, gently scrub with the soft bristle brush alongside mild soap and water. Avoid using brooms or harsh brushes. Rinse the screens clean and let it dry before putting it back in its place.

    Regular dusting can help with reducing the amount of build-up dirt. The easiest way to remove dust from window screens is to use a lint roller, but you can use a regular duster or vacuum too.



    City (Cities and suburbs in normal, clean air environments):

    At least every 6 months


    Rural (A rural area exposed to weed-killing chemicals or fertilisers):

    At least every 3 months


    Coastal (Within 10km of breaking surf or 1km of non-surf coastline including rivers):

    At least every month

  • What’s the best way to secure my flyscreen?

    We will visit your premises to measure up and recommend the best flyscreen for you. They are all custom made and made-to-measure to best suit your doors and windows. We have multiple options available, and all are easy to use and maintain. You don’t have to worry about installing these yourself as we will do that for you. The simple mechanism means opening and closing the flyscreens is effortless.

  • Can I paint my flyscreen?

    Our flyscreens are custom made to perfectly suit your doors and windows. Standard frames are white and brown, but we do have a large variety of other RAL colours available for you to choose from.

    Sometimes, however, the screens may need updating to suit the new colour scheme or need a new lick of paint. Painting your screen is a very simple process and can be done regardless of what you purchase. Clean, sand and dry the frame before painting and make sure to cover the screen to avoid getting paint on it. It’s also a good idea to prime the surface before painting.

  • What are the alternatives to net curtains?

    There are a number of modern solutions that you may not have heard about, such as Vision Blinds and Allusion blinds, as well as some beautiful voile fabrics. Here are some ideas, but you are best to chat to your rep when they visit your home as they can get a better idea of what you need.

  • What blinds and curtains are best for a Bay Window?

    Bay windows have their unique problems, but here is a roundup of some of the blinds that work best. Your Norwich Sunblinds rep can advise further when they visit your home to take measurements, as each case will be different.

  • What is the difference between vertical and venetian blinds?

    Vertical blinds are made from fabric and hang vertically in your window, whereas venetian blinds are made from wood or aluminium, with the slats across the width of the window.

    Here is some more information, and some tips on which type of blind to choose.

  • Who do you send to our home appointment?

    You will be visited by one of our experienced reps, who will be able to take measurements and will bring along fabric samples. Once the blinds, curtains or shutters are made, they will be fitted by one of our experienced team. All our reps and fitters are employed and many have been working for us for years.