Are blackout blinds right for your bedroom? We look at some of the common questions about blackout blinds.


Are blackout blinds right for your bedroom?

We’ve seen over the last few years a trend towards the use of blackout blinds in the bedroom to provide better protection from light. These are particularly popular in children’s bedrooms to help your little ones get the best night’s sleep possible.

Are blackout blinds black?

Blackout blinds are available in every colour – including black! If you are looking for a light blocking solution when it comes to your bedroom window-coverings you don’t need to resign yourself to dark-coloured fabrics.

In fact there are any number of fabric styles, textures and colours to choose from to suit the décor in your room.

There are also different levels of blackout available when choosing your new blinds. Totally framed blackout roller blinds will give you the best coverage on your windows, and these are also available in a wide-range of designs and colours. This style, whilst slightly higher price than standard blinds, will provide 99.9% blackout coverage.


Blackout blinds are available in (almost) every colour! Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Blackout blinds are available in every colour

What style blackout blinds can I have?

Blackout material is incredibly versatile, and our options are numerous when it comes to blind (and curtain) styles. The different styles will have different benefits and drawbacks. 

Both vertical blinds and roller blinds can be supplied in blackout fabric, though this style does tend to allow a small amount of light to come through around the edges of the blind, where the brackets are located. Generally though, these provide sufficient darkness to allow you a really great night’s sleep.

Roman blinds make particularly effective blackout blinds when supplied with blackout lining. The gaps on a roman blind are very small and only located at the edges and bottom. 

Vision blinds can also be supplied in blackout fabrics. These combine a modern look with the ability to control the light and shade during the daytime and provide a good level of darkness.


What other solutions are there if I don’t want specifically blackout blinds?

If you like the look of shutters these work well to provide a good level of darkness, especially if combined with a fabric blind such as a roller blind or hive pleated blind too.

The secret, whether you choose to go for specific blackout blinds, or more standard ones is to have your blind fitted as close to the window as possible. This ensures that the amount of light leaking into the room is kept to a minimum, thus your bedroom is kept as dark as possible.

If you are looking at the window coverings in your bedroom and worried about losing sleep this summer, contact us to arrange an appointment with our specialist team. We can look at all of your options to help you get the best night’s sleep we can!