Are blinds suitable for a wet room?

Are blinds suitable for a wet room?

A wet room is defined as a waterproof room with a shower area at the same level as the rest of the floor. Wet rooms are becoming increasingly popular to help make best use of space in smaller bath rooms, as well as providing safety benefits in many cases.

If you are considering a wet room, or have one already, you may be wondering if blinds will make suitable window coverings, and the short answer is yes – blinds make an excellent choice to provide privacy in a wet room environment, though there are some things you may want to consider.

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A splash of lime adds zest to the décor! Atlantex asc Lime Roller Blind made with fabric from Style Studio

Fabrics for wet room blinds

When thinking about the choice of fabrics for your wet room blinds it is best to look at water resistant fabrics such as you would for standard bathroom blinds (  Here at Norwich Sunblinds we stock a number of water resistant fabrics or those that have a special coating – such as Ultrafresh. These fabrics have a coating that stops the moisture penetrating the fabric and come in a wide-range of patterns and colours. An alternative option might be our range of PVC blinds which are also resistant to water.

Which style of blinds work best in a wet room?

Our water resistant fabrics will work well as both roller blinds.

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Pleated bathroom blinds