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Blinds, For the home

Blinds for new home owners from Norwich Sunblinds

Are you moving to a new home? It’s exciting but can seem overwhelming when you think about how much there is to do.

At Norwich Sunblinds, our Blinds for New Home Owners package will alleviate some of the stress and give you one less thing to worry about.

We will fit your new blinds ready for when you move in. So you can get something off your to-do lists and let our expert team take care of your blinds, leaving you free to focus on your home move.

Take advantage of our Packages for New Home Owners special offer.

We offer Packages for New Home Owners starting from £850.

Whether you are moving to a

  • city apartment,
  • a country cottage
  • or a 4-bedroom town house

we have something to suit your windows and your wallet!

With our packages designed for average size homes you might like to choose a combination of wood venetian blinds and roller blinds or vertical blinds and blackout roller blinds.

We also offer packages for Executive homes, including a luxury option which covers 15 windows, priced from £7,750.

To find out more about our special offer for new home owners visit our Attleborough showroom or get in touch with our team, we’re here to help.

When it comes to blinds, are you country cottage or more contemporary in style?

Water Flower fabric by RA Irwin - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Blinds for country homes

Vertical Herringbone fabric in Oatmeal by Louvolite - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Blinds for contemporary homes

Be inspired – blinds for your new home from Norwich Sunblinds

For your new home you might consider wood venetian blinds in the living area.  These blinds are sought after and will add a stylish touch to your new home.

At Norwich Sunblinds, our wood venetian blinds are made in-house from high-quality bass wood, a wood from sustainable forests.

Your wood venetian blinds will be made in our Attleborough workshop and are completely bespoke to you, designed to fit your windows.

For a classic look go for venetian wooden blinds - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

For a classic look go for venetian wooden blinds

Roller blinds for your new home

Roller blinds are a really versatile choice for your new home, stylish and easy to operate they suit almost any room. 

Blackout roller blinds make ideal bedroom blinds and are especially good for children’s bedrooms, helping your little ones to sleep better during the lighter summer months. Good for them and you!

You might like to consider washable roller blinds for the kitchen or bathroom. Some of the most effective bathroom blinds are made from moisture resistant fabric, which helps counteract the combination of water and heat and the build-up of steam.

Specialist fabrics that repel moisture are available in a range of colours too.

Our team can advise you on the best roller blinds for your home during a home appointment.

Romany light grey satin cass fabric by Louvolite - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Roller blinds are ideal for the bathroom

Perfect fit blinds for your new home

With our Packages for New Home Owners, you have the option of perfect fit blinds on French doors for £250 extra. 

Perfect fit blinds provide the ideal mix of shade and ventilation and are designed to fit perfectly so that they move with any doors and windows. You can open your French doors without disturbing the blinds.

At Norwich Sunblinds, all our blinds come with a 5-year guarantee, so you can rest assured when you buy blinds for your new home from us. Visit our showroom in Attleborough to find out how perfect fit blinds can work for your new home.

Perfect fit pleated blinds in fabric by Louvolite - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Simply perfect for French doors

Vertical blinds for your new home

Vertical blinds could arguably be renamed versatile blinds as these blinds can be made to fit any window of any size or shape and also work for bi-fold doors.

These blinds offer great control for light and privacy, draw the blinds back to get a clear view of outside or angle the louvres for more privacy.

You can choose from a wide range of fabrics including chenille and shot silk. With vertical blinds you can really let your creative side show by mixing and matching colours and patterns, or you can go for a block colour to complement your décor.

We can discuss all the options with you during a home appointment and help find the perfect vertical blinds for your new home.

Vertical blinds in Carnival Blackout Blush fabric - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Vertical blinds work for all the family

Shutters for your new home

Shutters are not always the first option that comes to mind but they can be a practical and elegant solution for your new home.

Made to measure plantation shutters are available in slatted or solid wood and can be custom painted to suit your décor.

The last layer of the 6 paint or stain is UV protected, your shutters are less likely to fade or yellow.

You will be surprised to hear that there are numerous benefits to having shutters, they are noise reducing, insulating, low maintenance and long lasting so are a wise choice.

Shutters allow you to easily control the light / privacy in a room.

Book your home appointment or visit our Attleborough showroom to find out more.

Plantation shutters from Norwich Sunblinds - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

A classic choice for the living room or bedrooms

Roman blinds for your new home

Roman blinds are made from curtain fabric and provide a luxurious feel, making them ideal bedroom blinds or blinds for the living room.

We work with leading fabric suppliers, so you can choose from some of the best designs for your new home.

We can save you time by making soft furnishings to match your roman blinds.

By adding cushions in the same fabric design, you can create a complete look for your new home.

Roman Blinds from Norwich Sunblinds - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Because Roman blinds are made from curtain fabric they provide a luxurious feel

Discover more about our made to measure service, book a home appointment.


  • Maximum width 180 cms
  • Maximum drop 200 cms