Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds In Norfolk Gin’s Office Shepherd’s Hut

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Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds In Norfolk Gin’s Office

Norfolk Gin is a local success story. After starting on a small scale in 2014, and 18 months of development, bottles of Norfolk Gin were flying off the shelves from day one. Jonathan, the owner, constructed a small studio in his garden to keep pace with demand, and has now added a shepherds hut as an office and storage space.

Keeping everything local, the shack (which is called Jennifer) was built by Mark Clarke building services. The shepherd hut (which is called Matilda) was built by The English Shepherds Hut Co in Rackheath.

All the blinds for the shack, the hut, and the house were made and fitted by Norwich Sunblinds. The blinds shown in this photo are perfect fit venetian blinds.

Jonathan has returned each time as a customer of Norwich Sunblinds because of the “fault-free sizing and estimating”.

He says he chose Norwich Sunblinds also for the:

  • Excellent advice on the type of window dressing,
  • Great range of styles and colours,
  • Fault free fuss-free fitting and operation reliability
  • Long term no quibble aftercare and support
  • Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds

“Not the least expensive but great value over product lifetime”

We wish Jonathan great success in his continuing Gin adventure, and thank him for being such a wonderful customer.