Choosing the right made to measure blinds for child safety


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There are plenty of dangerous things in the household.

In fact, it seems that when you have children everything becomes a potential death trap. Plugs, ovens, stairs, anything at all with a corner needs to be protected against. What we might seem as a harmless bit of furniture will no doubt look like a climbing frame to a child.

Made to measure blinds, if you chose the wrong type, can be one of these potential problems. It’s important for parents to understand where the danger could lie, and with this understand how to resolve the issues and which types they should pick. As blind safety is one of the top five hidden hazards in the home, it’s worth knowing about.

Potential for injury

The most obvious problem is the pull cord used to open and close your made to measure blinds. Another danger which you might not think of is the cords inside the blind itself which holds everything together. The shorter loops are easy to become tangled up in. While very rare, there is the possibility of asphyxiation. These cords have the potential of encircling the neck of a young child and causing harm.

Because it isn’t just the control cord of your made to measure blinds which has the potential to cause injury, it’s important that you look at the mechanisms of your window dressings to make sure that there are few exposed elements.

Safety tips

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Blackout made to measure blinds are a fantastic option in a nursery, but you need to make sure that the cords are tucked well out of reach. It is also wise to make sure the cot or child’s bed isn’t placed next to the window. When there are overly long cords which are encroaching into your child’s sleeping space they have the opportunity for them to become entangled, which is where the danger lies.

Instead, use a cord cleat to tie long cords well out of reach and keep anything which can be climbed on out of the way as well. Roller blinds are a simple alternative to venetian blinds, and because the only cord is the one used for control it is easy to keep it out of reach of your child. You can even shorten the cord itself as a long-term solution.

A simple cut in the cord will allow you to install a safety tassel instead. This will break the cord if undue tension is applied, thus reducing the risk of accidental strangulation. If you’re not sure how to install one, or you want more advice, just get in touch and we will be happy to help find the right solution for your family.

When you’re ordering your made to measure blinds, we will advise you about the best kinds of blinds for use around children. Curtains can also be a good alternative as they don’t have any cords so there are no potential dangers. They are less effective at blocking out light than a blind, though, so in bedrooms, you may want to look at which options are most important to you.