Commercial Office Blinds in Norfolk

Office Cubicle Fitted Out with Blinds From Norwich Sunblinds - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich SunblindsHere at Norwich Sunblinds, we offer a range of blinds and curtains ideal for your office or commercial premises, including motorised blinds.  All our products are designed and made in East Anglia.

Why have blinds for your office?

  • Reduce the glare on computer screens – keep your team happy and healthy.
  • Privacy – choose from a range of fabrics to give various levels of privacy or to divide spaces.
  • Save time and money-   motorised blinds can be set on a timer to automate your working environment.
  • Healthy environment: Antibacterial and antifungal finishes are available with certain fabrics  – helping you to maintain a fresh and healthy environment for your employees.
  • Happy environment: office blinds don’t have to be boring. There are some fabulous fabrics available in many different colours and designs to brighten up your workplace.
  • Make the right first impression: quality blinds and curtains help you make the right first impression, especially if you are meeting clients in a  boardroom or meeting rooms. Quality contemporary blinds can set the tone – and you will be helping the local economy by using a local firm.
  • As an independent company, we have been in business for over 40 years and have a reputation for quality and great customer service.  Our blinds and curtains are made to order in East Anglia by experienced  local people.

Book a consultation – we will visit you at your premises to discuss options, advise on the best solution for your windows, and can show you a range of samples.

Your office blinds or curtains will then be made to order and fitted for you once they are ready and quality-checked by us.

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