When curtains just won’t do (and other reasons you need made to measure blinds)

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There’s so many different types of window dressing, and each has its own benefits and problems. In the right room curtains can be the only viable option, while you’re unlikely to find curtains in kitchens or bathrooms (unless they’re net). With so many different things to choose between it can be easy to find yourself overwhelmed before you’ve even begun to thought about fabrics, patterns, and what on earth is interlining?!

Before you have a fabric based nightmare, we’re here to help. It’s not as complicated as it might sound. Certain rooms lend themselves to particular window dressings, and your personal taste, and what you want to achieve will help you make the final decisions. Whether you’re looking for living room curtains, bathroom nets or conservatory blinds, the important thing is you find something suitable for what you’re doing.

Which room are you looking at?


In a living room, we’d almost always recommend curtains. They feel cosy, and they have a more aesthetic quality than a lot of made to measure blinds. In a conservatory blinds are ideal. If you opt for perfect fit they’re snug to the window frame and they won’t get in the way when you’re opening and closing windows and doors.

While net curtains can be used for privacy whilst still letting in light, some blinds can do the same thing, and they don’t have the disadvantage of becoming badly stained and discoloured over time (and much faster than seems reasonable as well).

And have you ever seen curtains in an office? We thought not.

Why pick blinds over curtains, then?

Curtains can be great, but often made to measure blinds do have that little edge. Because there are so many different styles to choose between you can get a look to suit any room, any taste, and any colour scheme. All the different options allow you to achieve just the look you’re after, as well as making sure that you get the benefits.

For example, while curtains or drapes can add a touch of luxury to a living room, roman blinds, especially fixed made to measure roman blinds are just as luxurious. They can also sit slightly more predictably than their curtain counterpart.

Blinds offer a lot more variation than curtains do. With made to measure blinds you can choose any style at all, and there’s something to suit every kind of room. There’s roman, Venetian, roller, vertical, pleated, conservatory blinds and more. Pretty much any look you fancy you’ll be able to achieve.

They’re just so multifunctional. Blinds can be used to block out light completely (pick blackout ones for bedrooms and nurseries to prevent restless nights – there really isn’t anything better), or to temper it slightly if you just want a bit of privacy. To do so you can either choose something like perfect fit conservatory blinds or a simple roller blind in a light, unlined fabric. This will be perfect for blocking out a bit of sunshine and prevent people from being able to see into your room. Be a bit careful with really thin blinds, though, as you might cast a silhouette when you’ve got the lights on, somewhat eliminating the purpose.

The other great thing about blinds is that with something like a perfect fit blind or a metal Venetian blind, when they’re not in use you can tuck them so far out of the way that you’d barely know they were there at all. Curtains, on the other hand, are much more bulky, so tend to be a statement rather than a secret.