How many shades of grey are there? There are countless options, from deep charcoal to the palest dove and even blue, lilac and green-tinged greys. The new neutral, many of us will choose a grey over magnolia for our walls and soft furnishings. Grey blinds and curtains work well whatever your shade preference, add texture or a pattern into the mix to create a style statement. Norwich Sunblinds offer an array of grey curtains and blinds, so you are sure to find the right tone and design for your décor.
The grey trend is here to stay, the colour is now a staple in our homes. Which shade will you choose?

10 reasons why Grey is here to Stay

1. New Neutral

A growing trend over recent years, many of us are ditching the magnolia paint pots and opting for grey walls instead. Grey works throughout the home – can set the right tone in the office, the bathroom or the living room. The same is true for blinds and curtains, grey fabric adds a sophisticated note to a simple décor whilst also being the perfect backdrop for a vibrant colour scheme.
The perfect neutral.
Grey roller blind in the living room - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

The perfect neutral
Grey roller blinds

2. Grey makes colour pop

Using a grey backdrop will make your colours pop and any fabric design stand out. A floral print on a dark grey background has a more contemporary look than if it had been set on a pastel shade. Alternatively, bright accessories in front of a grey blind add a striking contrast. If you need inspiration, visit our showrooms in Attleborough or Norwich or book a free home visit, where our friendly and knowledgeable team can help you find your perfect colour match.
Silver grey kitchen venetian blinds with lemons and limes on window ledge. - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Silver grey kitchen venetian blinds with a twist of lemon
Ideal for a contemporary kitchen.

Fabric sample with floral cream pattern on a grey background - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Traditional floral pattern on a grey background creates a modern look
Castle Garden fabric design by Clarke & Clarke

3. At least 50 shades!

Think you know grey? Think again. This versatile shade can have tinges of blue, lilac and even green, there are so many variations to choose from and each creates a different impression. Want to go grey but not sure how it will work in your home? Get in touch with the expert team at Norwich Sunblinds, we can help you find your perfect grey tone curtains and blinds.
Mixed blues and cream fabric in panel blinds - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Panel blinds with Carnival Breton Blue fabric complemented with Zepher Quarts and Carnival Taupe fabric

ink blue bedroom curtains - Curtains Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Ink blue curtains with a hint of grey, fabric by iLiv

4. Different shades of grey make an impact in your home

Use different shades to create layers in your home. Combine charcoal with a paler tone for a sophisticated look. Build a variety of textures and materials in your interiors, mix rich fabrics, velvet cushions and metal, all in grey. We can make a range of soft furnishings such as cushions and table runners to match your chosen blind or curtain fabric.
grey curtains in a very tall window in period property living room - Curtains Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Rich fabrics in shades of grey create a sumptuous living space
Fabric from Voyage Alchemy

5. Perfect for patterns

Grey is the ideal colour for patterns when combined with pale tones, offering an alternative to the bolder monochrome look.
Fabric sample grey pattern Bloomsbury print - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Shades of grey combine in this Bloomsbury print from Clarke & Clarke

Geometric patterns or stripes enhance a modern room. Try adding furniture in a block accent colour such as bright red or purple to enhance the grey.
geometric print fabric sample - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Nordica geometric print from Clarke & Clarke

6. Grey is a good mixer

Grey works with every colour and depending on the combination creates a different look and feel. Pink and grey create a contemporary look whereas yellow warms up grey. Try lilac grey for bedroom curtains or blue-grey for kitchen blinds. The colour grey also tones perfectly with the 2018 Pantone Colour of the Year ‘Ultra Violet’. Visit one of our showrooms to see our extensive range of fabrics or book a design consultation.
Stack of fabrics showing range of colours from greys to blues to taupe - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Combine your favourite colour with grey
Custom-made curtains from Norwich Sunblinds. Linoso fabric by Clarke & Clarke 

When you order made to measure curtains, you can choose from a range of tie-backs, pelmets, curtain poles and curtain tracks to complement your décor.
Grey living room curtains with yellow curtain pole - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Grey with yellow accents warms up the living space, fabric by Prestigious Textiles A yellow curtain pole adds a modern twist.

7. Channel coastal chic with grey stripes

Nautical stripes in grey and a vibrant colour are ideal for homes within easy reach of the Norfolk Coast or for those of us who long for lazy days on the beach. Curtains or blinds with a stripe detail look great when combined with a few reminders of the sea, add a wooden beach hut ornament or a vintage looking beach sign. Our curtains and blinds are custom-made in Norfolk by our expert team.
Fabric sample with grey, yellow and cream stripe - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Bloomsbury fabric from Clarke & Clarke
Norwich Sunblinds curtains and blinds are made-to-measure

- Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Bloomsbury fabric from Clarke & Clarke

8. The contemporary colour

The colour grey works well in a contemporary home, paired with steel, copper, concrete and glass, it creates an urban designer look. Ideal for loft living, a modern apartment or a stylish town house.  Book a design consultation with our team to discover the best blinds or curtains for your home.
- Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

A copper pendant light against a dark grey blind creates a sophisticated contemporary look, fabric by Louvolite

Mix silver grey pleated blinds with white walls and stone to create a sleek contemporary bathroom.
Pleated bathroom blinds in slate - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Pleated bathroom blinds: Topaz Slate design from Louvolite 2017 collection

9. Grey can enhance the ambience of any room

A real mood influencer, grey can create different feelings depending on its application and shade. Use dark shades to create a cosy atmosphere in a smaller traditional room, ideal for a spare bedroom. Mix warm whites and pale greys to make a simple style statement and create a relaxing living environment. The paler the grey the lighter the room feels, dove grey is ideal for adding light to a dark space, just perfect for the home office.
grey pleated blind behind desk and chair in home office space - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

This pleated grey blind creates a simple style statement.

10. Love a vintage home? Greys are the perfect choice for you

Whether it’s used for distressed woodwork or shabby chic walls, the colour grey if treated appropriately does have a distinctly vintage feel. Pale greys or lilac/green grey tinged hues combined with patterns evoke a feeling of a bygone age. These fabrics work especially well for bedroom curtains and kitchen blinds.  Got an idea of the perfect blinds or curtains for your home? We can help bring your vision to life. Get in touch to book your in-home design consultation.
- Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Ideal for lovers of all things vintage
Best of Show fabric in green grey by Clarke & Clarke 

Grey – A versatile shade for your curtains and blinds

You’ll have got the impression by now that grey is above all a versatile shade.  A colour that mixes with ease with the palest pastels or boldest brights. That you can use to create a rustic style in a country cottage or an urban look in a modern loft space. You decide how and where to use it; whichever way grey will set the perfect tone.
Traditional or Modern – You decide on the grey
Grey roman blind in living room of a traditional period property - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

A grey stripe blind combines with grey walls and traditional furniture
Keep it classic, Castle Garden fabric by Clarke & Clarke

Grey pattern curtains in very tall windows in living room - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Grey pattern curtains and block colour furniture create a stylish modern living space
Fabric designed by Casadeco 

Visit us in our showrooms in the Norwich Lanes or Attleborough to browse our fabrics or book a design consultation or book your appointment online. Our experienced team can help you discover the perfect grey.

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