Do you remember the two fabric designs that we launched at the beginning of the year?

Hasn’t that time gone by quickly!

We’re now looking for ideas on what to do next, and thought we’d ask you.

Have you ever thought “I’d really like xxxx to go with the decor in my room” or do you have a favourite Norfolk theme that would look fantastic printed onto your blinds?

“But surely you’re not fabric designers” I hear you ask.

We usually source fabric for our handmade blinds from specialist fabric suppliers, but when visiting customers in their homes, we noticed that they were looking for countryside-themed fabrics, and that they especially loved Poppies. There weren’t many Poppy designs to choose from, so we decided to create some designs of our own.

As a Norfolk company, we are keen to promote local, so we approached a local artist to create the designs for us. We were then able to get them printed on fabric, ready to be made into bespoke blinds.

So, what sort of designs would you like to see?

Do email us with your ideas – you never know, you might just see your idea come to life!

Just send us an email at