Introducing artist Bev Jackson: Fabulous pictures made from fabrics for blinds and material offcuts

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Meet Bev Jackson and her marvellous artworks made from fabric for blinds

Here at Norwich Sunblinds, we pride ourselves on bringing our customers beautiful fabrics for blinds and curtains. We are always looking out for innovative designs and are drawn to interesting works of art.

Our Director Fiona recently ‘met’ artist Bev Jackson on Facebook and was so impressed by her artwork.

Bev uses offcuts from fabrics for blinds, and saves them from going into landfill.

We had the pleasure of chatting to Bev, on what inspired her to start creating her artwork.

Bev explains; “I started to make the pictures in the mid 1980s. Having worked in the office of a sunblind manufacturers I kept the blind material from the swatches…which were destined for the bin!”

Bev’s marvellous ‘Buckingham Palace’ work took 167 hours to complete.

“I’ve always had an interest in art but had never worked with material before. Having cut the fabric I found it didn’t fray, owing to the fact that it was starched. I wanted to try to create a known building and despite Buckingham Palace being a bit of a challenge… I was happy to have pulled it off!”

Bev continues; “My interest came about purely from wanting to turn the fabric into anything but landfill.”
We think the work is fit for a Queen!

Artist Beverly Jackson's Buckingham Palace Image

A very regal artwork made from blind offcuts


How Norwich Sunblinds produces environmentally friendly blinds

The Norwich Sunblinds team wholeheartedly share Bev’s commitment to the environment.We are committed to being environmentally friendly.

  • To reduce our carbon footprint we source components and fabrics for blinds and curtains from the UK where possible.
  • We recycle plastic, cardboard and metal, and send offcuts of fabrics for blinds and curtains to schools, playgroups and colleges – we hope Bev approves!
  • We can supply blinds that reduce the heating bills in your home by up to 15%, you save money and help save energy – a win, win!
  • When you order your blinds from Norwich Sunblinds you can rest assured that your blinds will be made using green and ethical manufacturing processes.
  • Our blinds are used by local homebuilder, Abel Homes, who build new, energy-efficient homes in Norfolk.
Making blinds to order in our Attleborough factory. - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Making blinds to order in our Attleborough factory

Artwork by Bev Jackson

Balmoral Castle

Bev has produced works featuring royal residences past and present.

Balmoral Castle by artist Bev Jackson

The splendid and substantial Balmoral Castle took Bev 200 hours to complete and is in a 3ft by 2ft gilt frame


Tower of London

Artist Bev Jackson made this display from offcuts of blind fabrics

Artist Bev Jackson made this display from offcuts of blind fabrics



Ellen McArthur's 'Kingfisher' Bev

Ellen McArthur’s ‘Kingfisher’ made using offcuts from blind Bev Jackson

In 2005 solo-long distance yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur broke the world record for the fastest solo circumnavigation of the globe, achieving international recognition.

Several years previously in 2001, MacArthur became the youngest person and the fastest woman to sail around the world single-handed in her yacht Kingfisher.

Bev recreated Ellen McArthur’s ‘Kingfisher’ commenting; “I tried my hand at something different to buildings…”The final work is so impressive with details such as the sponsors logos and website address.

Winchester Cathedral

A very Christmassy scene to get us in the mood for the festive season!

Bev’s ‘Winchester Cathedral’ has real lights which is so technically challenging.” Bev explains; “The lights are a string of mini coloured lights that are normally used for lighting up flowers…just had to be careful not to put a red one in a cathedral window!”

winchester cathedral and Lights by Artist Bev Jackson

Winchester cathedral and Lights by Artist Bev Jackson

True to life pictures made from fabric for blinds and offcuts

It’s hard to believe that Bev’s works are made from fabric for blinds and material offcuts, they are so true to life and detailed. All the pictures took between 150 to 200+ hours to make and while ‘Buckingham Palace’ and ‘Balmoral’ were done from postcards, the others were from either magazines and books or photos that Bev took herself.

However, the same approach was taken each time. Bev builds up the detail from larger pieces and explains that: “I never measured anything and didn’t draw the pieces. I just cut each one by eye and scaled it that way too…”

Our Director Fiona is impressed as are the rest of the Norwich Sunblinds team.

Here at Norwich Sunblinds, we get creative when we’re making blinds and curtains for our customers.
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