Join the jet set and enjoy the benefits of motorised blinds

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The benefits of having motorised blinds in your home

Motorised blinds are something we often associate with the jet set, a premium product boasting the sort of technology seen in the homes of the rich and famous. This luxe home furnishing is in fact well within reach, Norwich Sunblinds offer a range of affordable motorisation options for blinds and curtains.

We often think of the stylish look but there is much more to motorisation than meets the eye. The other benefits to having motorised blinds and curtains, which include green living and safety aspects, might surprise you. We increasingly use technology in our homes, from voice-controlled devices to smart thermostats. It’s easy to see why motorised blinds and curtains (also known as electric blinds and curtains) are growing in popularity.

1 – Easy to use

The smart home is revolutionising the way we live, with the convenience to control everything from our mobiles or with a voice command.  At the touch of a button, you can also close your curtains or adjust your blinds.

Your remote can control up to 5 blinds in one go. With a convenient pre-set button you can even set them on a timer. A lengthy battery life means that you could have up to 12 months usage before you need to recharge.

Easy and convenient motorised blinds from Norwich Sunblinds

Remote control for motorised blinds - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Powershade Roller, 5 Channel Remote

Roller blind remote control for electric blinds - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Powershade Roller, Single Channel Remote

2 – Enjoy films on a sunny day!

Remember life before the TV remote control? Now we can’t do without it. Likewise, in the future we will probably look back and say, I can’t believe we ever opened our curtains and blinds. Motorisation will be integral to our homes and we will take the benefits for granted.

Might seem like a small thing but a major benefit is being able to adjust your blinds or curtains without leaving the sofa. On a sunny day, having to repeatedly get up to tweak your blinds or curtains to stop the light flooding across the TV screen ranks high on the irritation scale. With motorisation, you can adjust your blinds and curtains easily – from the sofa or your bed or even when you are luxuriating in a bath. You can also keep draughts at bay at the touch of a button, ensuring that you stay cosy.

red bathroom motorised blinds - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Pure luxury, Powershade Roller blind in scarlet

3 – Safe and Secure

Not only do motorised blinds save you time and hassle they also have crucial safety and security benefits.

Motorised blinds are child and pet safe, with no cables, chains, cords or strings, giving you peace of mind.

You can programme your blinds or curtains to automatically close at night to look as if you are at home when you are really out for dinner or on holiday. You can also increase your privacy at the push of a button.

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Close up of green and cream electric roller blind showing tidy cassette at top of blind. - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Child and pet safe
Powershade Roller blind in Kassala Emerald by Eclipse

4 – You don’t need to compromise on style

Just because your curtains and blinds are motorised doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. The team at Norwich Sunblinds can find fabric choices to suit, whatever your décor and taste. Visit one of our showrooms or book a home consultation, we will talk you through the range of options available and show you samples. Our team can help you create the perfect motorised blinds for your home.

What’s your style?

Skyline patterned electric roller blinds in living room bay window - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

A contemporary living room

Green electric roller blind - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

A stylish neutral home


red, white and blue roller blinds - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

A Bold Modern Interior

5 – Ideal for hard to reach areas

Do you have an awkward space? Motorised blinds are ideal for hard to reach areas such as high ceilings, skylights or large spaces. They also work well in conservatories, especially when you have roof blinds.

The remote makes motorised blinds and curtains suited to people with mobility issues, perhaps you anticipate needing to recover at home after an operation. You can adjust the light and keep out any draughts without leaving the comfort of your chair or bed. Just one touch of a button to raise or lower your blind or open your curtains.

Our friendly and expert team can advise on the best option to suit your needs, get in touch to find out more. We can even visit you in your home.

Blinds to suit your lifestyle and home

remote control for motorised blinds and curtains - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Powershade remote control from Eclipse

6 – No fuss blinds for the kitchen

If cooking during the day, it is often much easier and more pleasurable to cook in natural light. You also really need to see clearly what you are doing, from using sharp knives to creating intricate dishes. With motorisation, you can quickly adjust your kitchen blinds without losing focus and saving you time.

Picture the scene: you are in the middle of a bake, the dough is at a crucial stage, you need to adjust the blind to let daylight in. With just the touch of the remote you can do this, you don’t need to stop what you are doing for long. Perfect for bakers and home chefs everywhere!

Norwich Sunblinds will measure and fit your motorised kitchen blinds.

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Electric roller blinds in the kitchen - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Control the light in your kitchen
Powershade roller blinds in Portabello Redcurrant fabric from Eclipse

7 – Curtains too!

You can have motorisation with Roller blinds, Vision BlindsRoman blinds, Venetian blinds or Pleated blinds – and Curtains too! You just need to pick your fabric. You’ll be spoilt for choice with Norwich Sunblinds.

To show the variety of designs available to you, here is a sample of fabrics on the theme of ‘nature’.

Green and cream fabric swatchwith pineapple and leaf design - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Be on trend this season with fruit-inspired fabrics (and a cheeky ladybird)!
Bloomsbury fabric by Clarke & Clarke

Lounge curtains with small red pattern against cream background - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Channel a country vintage vibe Castle Garden fabric by Clarke & Clarke

Childrens blinds, curtains and soft furnishings with matching jungle animal print, stars and stripes fabrics. - Blinds Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Show your wild side with monkeys, lions, giraffes, crocodiles and zebras
Playtime fabric by Prestigious

 - Curtains Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Create an elegant look with Enchanted Forest fabric from Voyage Couture

Curtains made with fabric design of light green leaves on a cream background. - Curtains Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

Let the colours of nature brighten up your room
Miami fabric from Prestigious Textiles

Whatever look you want to create for your motorised blinds and curtains, the team at Norwich Sunblinds can help. Book your appointment today!

8 – Motorised blinds provide added value

Electric blinds last longer because they run more smoothly, meaning that you won’t need to replace your blinds for years. Anyway, there is no need to worry, all electric blinds from Norwich Sunblinds come with a five-year guarantee.

Motorised blinds are also kind to your plants and fabrics. Sun sensors can automatically adjust your blinds ensuring that your furniture fabrics don’t wear out quickly and your plants don’t wilt.  To find out more about how electric blinds can create added value for your home, contact Norwich Sunblinds today.

9 –  You can go green!

We’re not talking specifically about the colour here, although you can opt for green if you like, we offer a wide range of fabrics. You can make a difference to the planet with motorised blinds.

Norwich Sunblinds can supply a wire-free solar pack to power your electric blinds. Simple to install, this pack can be hidden from view and uses solar energy, not only saving you money but helping your home to be ‘greener’. Want to know more? The team at Norwich Sunblinds can explain about the benefits to the environment.

10 – When all that’s said and done…motorised blinds and curtains are super swish!

The luxe living point made at the beginning of this blog does of course still stand, motorisation is super stylish. However, now you might have more of an idea of how much motorised blinds and curtains can really benefit your home.

With the style factor combined with the added benefits – why wouldn’t you! We can help you select your ideal fabric and create the complete look for your motorised blinds and curtains. Or you can upgrade your Roller blinds, Roman blinds or Venetian blinds to motorised blinds for less than you think. You can upgrade to motorised blinds from as little as £129.00 for Roller and £240.oo for Roman or Venetian blinds.

Relax and make your life easier. Motorise your curtains and blinds with Norwich Sunblinds.

Book a free in-home consultation or pop into our showrooms. We’d love to help.

Motorised blinds are great for offices and commercial buildings, too. Because we make the blinds to order, we can help you find a time-saving solution for large or unusual spaces.