Motorised Blinds

Experience the Future with Our Selection of Motorised Blinds

Benefits of automatic blinds:

  • Tidy, stylish and child-safe – no cables or strings
  • Great for large windows or hard to reach areas
  • Quiet
  • Speedy – your remote can control up to 14 blinds in one go, and you can easily align your them to move as one.
  • Security – you can programme your blinds or curtains to automatically close at night to make it look like you are home – even if you’re away.
  • Longer Lasting – electric blinds last longer because they run more smoothly – not that that’s a huge problem with our 5-year guarantee. One of the best pieces of feedback we have is that our blinds last for such a long time.
  • Protect furnishings – sun sensors can adjust your blinds automatically to protect plants and furnishings from bright sunlight and to keep your premises cool.

Automatic blinds are safer, save you time, and look stylish in any room. 

You can enjoy the benefits of motorisation with Roller, Roman, Venetian or Pleated blinds – and curtains too. As of 2019, this is the same for the tilt mechanism of vertical blinds.

Electric motorised blinds are ideal for conservatories, especially where you have roof blinds.

To save even more time, you can pre-set the blinds to different positions or even set them on a timer. Amazon Echo or Google Home can also be connected to work alongside these functions.

Solar energy to your benefit?

We can supply a wire-free solar pack to power your electric blinds. This pack is simple to install, can be hidden from view and uses solar energy, saving you money and adding a “green” element to your home or office.

You can upgrade to motorised blinds from as little as £129.00 for Roller and £240.oo for Roman or Venetian designs. These are example prices. Book our free measuring service for a full quote, or phone us with your measurements.

To find out more about our products, book a free home visit with one of our experts or pop into one of our showrooms.

Make your life easier – motorise your blinds and curtains.

Frequently Asked Questions About Motorised Blinds…

Looking for more information about our Motorised Roller Blinds in Norfolk? We have answered a series of frequently asked questions below to help give you more of the details you need!

Are motorised blinds expensive?

Our bespoke blinds are made to measure to any window, and therefore the prices of this will differ. We have included an example price above to give our customers an idea on what to expect.

How are motorised blinds powered?

Our electric blinds are powered from a small motor unit that allows them to move smoothly up and down by themselves. We even include the option of a small wireless solar pack that is easily hidden.

How to install motorised blinds?

Despite the differences between motorised and non-motorised blinds, here at Norwich Sunblinds we offer a free professional fitting service – so we do all the work for you!

What are automatic blinds?

Automatic blinds can be set to different schedules so that they will open and close smoothly at certain times throughout the day! With sun sensors included, they can even adjust themselves to protect your furnishings and plants on a particularly bright day.

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Product Summary

Example Price: £129

Upgrade to Motorised Blinds from £129.00 for Roller and £240.00 for Roman or Venetian blinds Fully Fitted.