Awnings & Sails

Awnings and sails are a great way to bring a little of the outdoors, indoors, and vice-versa. Stylish, modern and practical, why not take a look at the fantastic options available?

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    Our range of made to measure awnings provide a stylish addition to your home as well as offering sun protection.

  • Pitman Sails, keeping the heat out and the temperature comfortable in this sun room.


    Our conservatory sail blinds not only keep your conservatory cool, but also feature unique, self-tensioning edges, ensuring they remain taut, smooth and looking fantastic.

  • Dutch Canopy - Awnings Norfolk - Norwich Sunblinds

    Dutch Canopy

    Dutch Canopies are a great way to add style and shade to your home. Originating from the Netherlands, these canopies […]