Refresh your house with new made to measure blinds


Sliding vertical blindsNow Christmas is well and truly out the way, it might be a good time to start looking at home improvements to brighten everything up and welcome the coming of spring (we’re trying to pretend winter has finished by using the power of positive thinking).

With the horrible weather, and everything outside looking more than a touch depressing, new window dressings can detract a bit of attention, drawing focus into your rooms rather than outside.

These improvements can make your home look better, make you want to spend more time in your rooms, and even improve insulation and lower your heating costs. It’s amazing what a few little changes can do!

Well fitted made to measure blinds will stop heat escaping unnecessarily, and can be made with an interlining as well as a thermal backing to give the most insulation possible. Curtains will also insulate well and can look more traditional than the more modern blind. With ever rising energy costs, any savings at all is definitely preferable.

Even a simple blind can reduce heat loss – modern roller blinds stop 21% of heat escaping from your rooms. Even though we don’t want to admit it, February minimum temperatures are, on average, lower than they are in December or January, so we might still have some cold days to come.

When compared with the 55% that double glazing reduces by it doesn’t sound like much, but of course every little helps. And the combination of a made to measure blind and double glazing works really well.

When picking new made to measure blinds, the first thing you should consider is which type you’d like. With plenty of variety available, and all sorts of fabrics and finishes, there can be almost an overwhelming amount of choice.

Your choices include

If you’re not sure which type will be best for your room, get in touch to discuss the benefits of each type.

As a rule of thumb, something like a roman blind is more appropriate for a bedroom or living room, while roller blinds or venetian styles are perfect for kitchens or bathrooms. Each room will have different requirements, but in a kitchen or bathroom you’re more likely to need easy to clean hygienic blinds. They will need to be able to cope with higher levels of moisture in the air, and kitchen blinds will need to be resistant to all of the cooking smells, so fabric tends not to be a popular choice.

Next, think about why you want new blinds. Are your old ones unsuitable or have they worn out? If they were unsuitable, why were they? Pinpointing the reason you’re looking for new made to measure blinds can help you make a more informed this time round.

Pick a neutral colour or a simple pattern so that if you change the décor you won’t also need to change the blinds. Wooden venetian blinds go with almost anything, while the statement red roller blind that looks incredible against your cream coloured kitchen might not look so appealing if you were to change the tiles to a floral pattern.

Turquoise roller blind

Blinds help improve insulation and privacy while also giving you more control over the amount of light in a room.

Bold colours can look really good if you’re sure you won’t want to change the decoration too much in your space. Stick with simple colours in the rest of the room and use the same colour for highlights such as cushions or place settings.