Roller Blinds or Roman Blinds?


Roller Blinds or Roman Blinds, which are best for your room?

When considering whether to have Roller blinds or Roman Blinds, you need first to consider why you would like a blind.

Do you want privacy, to block out the light, or is it to dress your window?

Roller blinds give the biggest flexibility. Generally we fit them neatly inside the reveal, and they can be pulled up completely to give you maximum light when the blind is retracted.

Roller Blinds are available in a wide range of density, from voiles which will give a degree of privacy in the daytime, but people will be able to see in, when the lights are on in the evening. The vast majority of fabrics are medium density, meaning that they let a degree of light through, but will stop anyone seeing in. These are available in a beautiful range of plain, textured and patterned fabrics, so are suitable for any room.

There are also now a wide range of fabrics available with blackout backings, these are ideal for bedrooms. In the past you were limited to plain fabrics, but there is a beautiful selection of patterns, including childrens designs including dinosaurs and unicorns, and luxurious shot silk, and chenille fabrics for an adults room.

Roman Blind Inspiration | Norwich Sunblinds

Roller blinds should be stylish and attractive to look at

Although the roller blind fabric is blackout, the blind will not totally darken the room, there will still be light coming in around the edges, however, it is normally sufficient for most clients. We find a lot of people who are working from home, also choose blackout roller blinds for their study, to avoid glare on the computer screens.

Roller Blinds can also be supplied with attractive cassettes to hide the mechanism, at the top, and a lot of clients opt for the remote control operation for ease of use.

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Roman Blinds, can be fitted inside or outside the reveal.

The thing to keep in mind, is that when the Roman blinds stacks up to the top of the window, it will only stack to about 25cm  or 10” high, therefore if fitted inside then reveal, it will take a lot of the available light

Most people tend to fit Roman Blinds on the outside of the reveal, for this reason – however, if you fit them on the outside, you will be unable to fit curtains too. We recommend 10cm above the window and at least 5cm wider each side

Roman blinds generally are a medium density material, and have either standard or blackout linings.

Therefore, when the blind is down, you will not be able to see through them at all, and they will darken your room considerably.

Roman blind ideas | Norwich Sunblinds

Luxurious Fabrics always look superb, whatever the colour, as seen in this Roman Blind

Blackout the room with a roman blind.

If you want to blackout the room with a roman blind, it is best to fit inside the reveal, with a blackout lining, and as close to the glass as possible. Bear in mind the fabric has stitches, where the pockets and strengthening rods are, so you will see light through the stitch holes.

There is a much bigger selection of Roman Blind fabrics, from textures and plains, to subtle stripes, checks, tartans, country, modern and retro designs. We offer the Iliv and Gemini ranges, but if you have another fabric in mind, we can source it for you.

Roman Blind gives a softer look to a room, and dress the windows better.

The only way to ensure no light comes in a room at all is to have framed cassetted roller blind, with frames on all 4 sides.
The fabric rolls in between soft brushes at either side to ensure no light escapes, they are 99.9 % light proof.

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