Selecting Commercial Blinds For Your Office


Office BlindsWhen equipping an office with new commercial blinds, functionality is one of the most important factors. Particularly vibrant colours are unlikely to be suitable, but it will depend on your office and the environment you’re trying to create. In the majority of cases though, neutral colour schemes and timeless corporate colours are a safe bet.

Points you should be considering:

  • Are you decorating for a single company or for a floor which will be host to several businesses?
  • Are you looking for privacy?
  • How long do you want the blinds to last?
  • Have you got any guidelines on style or colour?
  • Do they need to fit with an existing colour scheme?

There might be more things to consider as well, but consider these a starting point.

First things first: which commercial blinds will be best for the space. Functionality and the kind of blinds you choose tend to go hand in hand. Typically an office space will use vertical blinds or a roller blind.

Unlike the sorts of blinds you might be purchasing for use in the home, blinds in offices primarily need to keep light out effectively. Glare can affect how well your employees are able to work on a day to day basis. Reflections and an ability to properly see the screen are all part of it. Even if your staff don’t regularly use computer screens, they will still run in to trouble if they’re having to compete with bright sunshine on a regular basis.

Most commercial blinds will need offer a degree of privacy. The amount needed will often depend how visible the office is. For example, you might need more privacy in a ground floor space than you would from a third floor open plan office.

Blinds can also be used in between offices to offer more privacy. Glass walls look stylish but mean your meeting rooms can be quite visible. A simple horizontal blinds are ideal, as they can be adjusted and folded away when they aren’t needed.

For complete privacy and to block out light effectively, roller blinds are often a wise choice.

Computer screens with too much glare can be really counterproductive. Solve the problem with simple commercial blinds.

Vertical blinds are particularly common in offices. These work well because you are able to adjust the amount of light let into a room while allowing airflow through the panels. Often these are made of a slightly thinner fabric so that the effect is to dampen the light rather than block it out altogether. The soft and natural light will make for a more pleasant work environment than using harsh fluorescent lighting to compensate for the lack of natural light. Offices which are either over or under illuminated can even contribute to eye strain.

Hygiene is also an important factor in a workplace environment. Commercial blinds often have antibacterial and antifungal properties which keep them looking fresh and new for longer. A more hygienic workplace will lead to lower staff illnesses and a higher rate of productivity in the long run.

Norwich Sunblinds offer a wide range of commercial blinds, which can be made to reflect your corporate identity if desired. To get started, contact us to book an appoint for free measuring. Our fitting service is also free, so the price for the blinds themselves is the only cost you’ll need to pay.