We don’t like to blow our own trumpet. But with over 40 years’ experience of measuring and fitting blinds of all kinds (and curtains too!), there isn’t much we don’t know. Unsurprisingly, here at Norwich Sunblinds, we love all things blinds.

But why are blinds important?

7 reasons why blinds are important by Norwich Sunblinds

Blinds are decorative and can really enhance a living space. But they do so much more. There are many benefits to using blinds. Here are 7 reasons why blinds are important:

1. Blinds help control privacy levels

With blinds, it is easy to control privacy levels. Take vertical blinds, simply draw the blinds or angle the louvres to control the light and be more private. Perfect fit blinds, which fit perfectly to move with your windows and doors, offer maximum privacy as there are no gaps. Perfect fit options are available for pleated, venetian and roller blinds. If privacy is a top priority, you might also like to consider vision blinds. Made from Louvolite’s cutting edge fabric, which alternates mesh and solid fabric panels, vision blinds allow you complete control over light and privacy. Not sure which blinds to go for? The Norwich Sunblinds team can help. Visit one of our Norfolk showrooms to find out more or book an in-home appointment.

conservatory with blue perfect fit blinds

Simply perfect for privacy Perfect fit blinds in pleated voile cobalt fabric by Louvolite

digital fabric sample beige and cream striped vision blind fabric

Control privacy levels easily. Vision blinds in Verona gold fabric by Louvolite

silver vertical blinds

Easily control privacy levels – blinds in Oslo silver cameo fabric by Louvolite

2. Boost insulation and reduce heat loss

Even a simple blind can help reduce heat loss, keeping the heat in and draughts out. In fact, modern roller blinds stop 21% of the heat escaping from a room. So, bearing in mind the cost of winter heating bills, blinds are a must for the home. That said, blinds need to fit the windows well, which is something not always possible with off the shelf blinds. At Norwich Sunblinds, all our blinds are made to measure, ensuring a perfect fit. Did you know Norwich Sunblinds make curtains too? You might like to consider curtains and blinds in your home, perhaps combine curtains with Roman blinds. Curtains help keep out draughts and can be backed for added insulation. There is something really cosy about closing the living room curtains on a chilly evening. Not sure whether to go for blinds or curtains? During a home appointment, we can advise on what will best suit your home and lifestyle.

Close up of lamp with silver roller blind in background

Help reduce heat loss with made to measure blinds from Norwich Sunblinds Roller blind with Alhambra fabric by RA Irwin


Curtains with fawn pattern on white background in white living room.

Get cosy with curtains Abbey Gardens fabric by Prestigious Textiles


3. Reduce glare on computers

On bright sunny days, blinds are essential for offices, whether you work from home or in company premises. Without blinds, you will not be able to view your computer screen properly. Blinds help reduce glare, meaning you can reply to that important email or finish a report without being disturbed. Whether you have a home office or commercial premises, the Norwich Sunblinds team can help. Contact us to find out more.

Cityscape roller blind in home office

Reduce the glare with home office blinds from Norwich Sunblinds Cosmopolitan Fabric by RA Irwin

Green roller blinds in an open plan office

Norwich Sunblinds make commercial blinds too! Commercial office blinds in Carnival Moss fabric by Louvolite

4. Blackout blinds can help with sleep

Blackout blinds help reduce the amount of light in a room and are especially helpful for night workers who need to sleep during daylight hours. Blackout blinds are also ideal for children’s bedrooms, helping the little ones to sleep during the summer months. With a wide range of fabrics to choose from at Norwich Sunblinds, you can keep all the family happy! What’s more, you don’t need to do a thing. We will visit you to do all the measuring up. Once your blinds have been made to measure in our Norfolk workshop, we will fit them for you. It all starts with a home appointment.

Acacia coloured blackout blind

Blackout blinds are a must for night workers and for children’s bedrooms.


Aqua coloured blackout blind in child's bedroom

Blackout blinds can help children sleep better during the summer months

5. Burglar deterrent

Blinds can be a burglar deterrent. By keeping your blinds closed or the louvres angled, people won’t be able to easily see into your home. This is especially helpful if a room is street-facing and at ground floor level. When you are at home this is possibly not a top concern. However, if you are out for the night or away on holiday, then the chances are you will become much more security conscious. Motorised blinds might be the solution. Not only do motorised blinds save you time they also have crucial security benefits. You can programme your blinds to automatically close at night to make it look as if you are at home, when the reality is you are enjoying a cocktail on a Mediterranean cruise! Norwich Sunblinds offer a range of affordable motorisation options for blinds, from blinds for the bedroom to blinds for the conservatory. Book a home appointment to find out how motorised blinds can work for your home.

Kitchen motorised blinds with modern red and grey pattern on cream background

Motorised blinds to suit your style from Norwich Sunblinds

conservatory with vision blinds in grey and white

Motorised blinds are ideal for conservatories too. Vision blinds in Sorrento Sahara fabric by Louvolite


6. Blinds Provide Shade

Blinds of all kinds, from pleated to venetian and roller, can help protect furniture and carpets from fading. Blinds also help keep rooms cool in the summer, providing essential shade on bright sunny days. Not sure which blinds will best suit your home? Visit our Norfolk showrooms to see our full range and view fabric samples or arrange a free in-home appointment. All our blinds (and curtains) are made to measure by local craftspeople and come with a five-year guarantee.

Allusion blinds covering bi-fold doors.

Keep your room cool with blinds from Norwich Sunblinds

Digital fabric sample - pleated blind fabric in emerald

Pleated blinds are good for conservatory roofs, can help keep the room cool.Aura Emerald fabric by Louvolite

7. Interior Design

So, there are many all-year-round benefits to blinds, from insulating your home in winter to helping the kids sleep in the summer months. However, it’s not all about the function, the look is an important consideration too. Your choice of blinds, in particular, the fabric you decide on, can make a real style statement. Each year there are new styles of blinds, such as the recent Allusion blinds, Shoji blinds and Vision blinds.

At Norwich Sunblinds, we work with some of today’s leading fabric suppliers including Louvolite, Clarke & Clarke and iLiv. You can choose from a wide range of designs to reflect your own personal style. We can also make soft furnishings to match your blinds, giving you the complete look. It all starts with a home appointment. Book yours today.

Style your home with a wide range of fabrics from Norwich Sunblinds. Roman blind with Bloomsbury fabric by Clarke and Clarke

Roman blinds in a window seat

Get the complete look with soft furnishings to match your blinds – Sketchbook Fern fabric by iLiv


Blinds are important…Whatever your choice of blinds, the Norwich Sunblinds team can help. Visit our Norfolk showrooms or book a home appointment and we’ll take it from there