Which blinds work best for triangular windows?

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Which blinds work best for triangular windows?

There is a trend at present for architects to design homes with large double height triangular and gable end type windows; often they leave the homeowner with few options for privacy.

Curtains are not a good option, as there is nowhere for the curtains to stack back to, and even if the curtains are cut to the same shape as the window, they are unable to be pulled along, as all the fabric wants to drop to the lower end of the triangle.

There are, however, a number of blinds at Norwich Sunblinds that are great options for triangular windows.

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Blinds especially made for Gable End Windows

Roller Blinds

Firstly Roller blinds, they can be cut to the shape of the window, and stack to the bottom of the triangle.

  • Roller blinds can either be operated by a cord and pulley system, or they can be motorised which is much easier.
  • The fabric has to be very stable and closely woven to keep its shape, so it is only available in a small selection of colours, and comes with a solar protective backing to reflect the sun’s rays.
  • They can be made up to 220cm wide, so often 2 roller blinds are required to cover a gable end.

Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are a great option, again these can be cut to the shape of the triangle and can often be stacked back at the bottom of the Triangle.

Depending on the shape they usually will need to be split into several sections, but we would ensure to split them at the mullion points, so they are not meeting in front of the glass.

  • Pleated blinds are available in a large range of fabrics including blackout
  • The rails are available in white brown or Anthracite, or can be powder coated to your own choice of colour.
  • They are available as a manual option, but work better motorised.
Pleated blinds by Norwich Sunblinds

Bespoke P1150 with perfect fit blinds for triangular windows.

Venetian blinds for triangular windows

Venetian blinds can be supplied to fit triangular shaped these windows, but they will only tilt, they will not be able to be stacked away, so will always be visible.

Depending the size they can be supplied with either aluminium or wood slats.

  • Shutters are available to fit triangular shapes and gable ends, but again they will only be able to be tilted, or pulled back in sections and will always be covering part of the window
  • Venetian blinds offer a luxury stylish option, and are available in painted colours, natural woods and can even be painted to your own colour at a surcharge.
  • A wide range of options in slat size and configuration can be offered

Whichever option you choose, your blinds need to be measured precisely, by our experienced surveyor, and installation by an expert is recommended too.

Interested in learning more about how to choose the perfect blinds for your home?

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